The Advantage of Elephants

I worked construction for a few summers in my younger years. I had an easy “in” since my Dad was a contractor and he was always looking for someone to move large piles of things from one spot to another. I remember working on a house at the beach that was over the garage. The porch didn’t have decking on it yet, so there was plywood laying across the floor joists so the electricians could wire the lighting. I remember seeing some of the framers out there cutting some wood directly on the plywood and thinking, “That doesn’t seem like a good idea, someone’s going through that.” Since I was in the middle of doing a task I moved on after making a mental note of the potential porch fiasco.

Fast forward about 45 minutes. There is a ton of noise inside the house. Saws are running, nail guns are firing, people are shouting; it’s basically the sound of a typical classroom at a preschool. I get a phone call from someone I felt needed to be answered so i retreat to the closest area of quiet… the porch. As soon as I step out on to the porch the plywood gives way, I slip in between the floor joists and land ribs first across a joist that I desperately grabbed on the way down. It hurt, a lot. I learned a major lesson that day, tragedy often happens when we forget.

If we look the book of Nehemiah we see a leader go before a nation and work to rebuild there walls and towns. And why were these towns in ruin? Because the people forgot. The people forgot about the God that had lead them out of slavery. They forgot about the God that lead them through the dessert providing them with manna from heaven and water from rocks. They forgot about the God that lead them to victory over the land he had promised them. They forgot both the hardships he lead them through and the blessings he provided. They forgot they needed Him and thus they opened themselves up to tragedy. They willingly walked in to the bondage and became slaves of a world that wanted to use them as stepping stones to feed their own selfish desires.

We as a people do this on a regular basis. We fall in to sin and out of His blessing. God loves us more than the world. He is a God of forgiveness. He is gracious and merciful, slow to anger, and rich in unfailing love. Let’s not forget who we are. We are His people.

What have you forgotten that has caused you to open you self up to bondage?

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