The Broadway Experience

Nothing screams, “I’m a tourist who has no respect for tradition!” like wearing cargo shorts and flipflops with socks to a Broadway show. There’s a pageantry on Broadway that inspires wonder and anticipation. The history and level of excellence is something that should be respected and honored. To make a long rant short, if you’re going to see a Broadway show, wear a suit. If you can afford tickets to a show, you can afford a suit from H&M. If you’re in New York, there’s one right down the street. Yes, from everywhere.

I’ll accept that my feelings on this subject may be a little… overboard. But stick with me for a second. Sometimes we have a tendency to walk through life without awareness of where we are. I’m not talking about a physical sense of wearing loafers to a basketball game or the proverbial, “taking a knife to a gun fight.” What I’m referring to is more along the lines of, “What is the spiritual climate of my surroundings and how should I respond.” There are times in our lives where it is important to share our beliefs, hold fast to our principles, and take a stand. However, there are just as many times in our lives where it is more important to keep our opinions to ourselves and respond with love.

As a believer, it is my job to love people where they are and to introduce them to the Jesus I know as my savior and friend. It is not my job to judge or condemn. It is my job to model the love of Jesus in a practical way. It’s like this. I went to Broadway. I wore a suit. It looked awesome. In this area, I may be a bit prideful, I’ll work on it. I saw people in cargo shorts and flip-flops with socks. Instead of berating them and telling them they needed to look and act like me, I just modeled what a true appreciator of the theatre (see what I did there) looked like. So my challenge is this, when you go to Broadway, dress to the nines. In your everyday life, love to the nines.

This is part three of a series called “How to Pretend you’re from New York.” You can follow this blog by clicking the gear at the top of the page and providing your email address.

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