Everyone’s an Expert

Whenever you tell people you’re taking a trip to a destination they have visited their response is typically, “You have to go to _______, it’s the best!” It is typically said with extreme excitement as if that individual holds the secret to the success of your trip. It’s the one thing that you simply must see, do, taste, or experience. In their eyes, unless you do that thing, your trip is a 7 at best.

Come to think of it, that’s sort of how we are as people isn’t it? Think about it for a second. When is the last time you told someone you were going somewhere or trying something new and they didn’t immediately attempt to divulge some sort of “sage advice.” As people, we all just want to share our stories and our natural bent is to seek out opportunities to do so. If you told me that you were going to visit New York I would likely tell you how amazing the Shake Shack was even though the line stretched down nearly the entire city block. I would probably tell you that the cheesecake at Serendipity was slightly underwhelming, the Pizza at John’s was phenomenal and the view from the “Top of the Rock,” was breathtaking. I’d tell you how gripping seeing the site of the World Trade Center was and how much fun it was to take a rickshaw ride through Central Park. I can tell you all of these things but ultimately, it’s just me trying to tell my story and force my way into co-writing yours.

The truth is, I knew quite a bit about New York before our trip. However, after I experienced it first hand it became more than a romanticized idea. It became a part of my story. Ultimately it was just a brief trip that Ashley and I went on for fun and a little taste of adventure. But, as with anything, if we take the time to experience it, learn what we can, and apply it to our stories, we’ll be better today than we were yesterday. The truth is, experience almost always has a greater impact than knowledge. So it doesn’t matter how good “my” New York story is, yours will be better because it’s yours. You’re the author and God has a far greater story planned than you think. Go live it.

This is part five of a series called “How to Pretend you’re from New York.” You can follow this blog by clicking the gear at the top of the page and providing your email address.

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