The Depths

I don’t typically write about my personal quiet times outside of my journal but today something hit me so hard that I had to share with someone to keep myself from exploding! As I was reading from Psalm 103, I wrote down the words, “Praise Him from the depths of your soul.” At first, it seemed like one of those “Fortune Cookie” moments. I thought, “huh… cool,” and then started to move on.

Suddenly a picture flashed through my mind. It wasn’t one of vivid color vibrant with life. It was one of darkness. It was pitch black. There was no life and no light in it; just pure darkness. To me, this is what the depths look like. Think about it. What would you see if you were in the depths of the ocean, a cave, space? Nothing. You’d see darkness. A place void of light. Then it hit me, what kind of stuff do we “hide” in the depths of our lives? That is the place reserved for our junk. Don’t believe me? What’s in the farthest corner of your attic? Your garage? Your basement for my non-coastal friends? Junk right? They are the things that don’t add much value to our lives but we just can’t let them go.

I think the depths of our soul is referring to the darkest places within us. They are the places we hide our hurts, our regrets, our frustrations, and our sins. They are the places we withhold from God; the places we withhold from everyone in our lives.

The writer of this Psalm, David, knew about stashing things in the depths of his soul. He had lied, committed adultery, and murder all in one fail swoop. He knew what it meant to hide from God and from man and had proven it to be impossible. He understood what I think we forget on a regular basis. God knows the depths of our soul and forgives if we come to Him. David learned to wear forgiveness like a crown of life. It was as if in writing this Psalm he was declaring that he knew himself to be unworthy but knew God’s love to be greater than his own failure. It’s freeing to know that God loves us even in the depths of our souls and if we will go to Him from those places and praise Him through the dark times, He will make those corners of our lives, the dark and lifeless areas, shine just as bright as our greatest accomplishments. God is good and His mercy extends to all generations. Let’s praise Him from the very depths of who we are.

Let all I am praise the Lord;

with my whole heart, I will praise His holy name.

Let all I am praise the Lord;

may I never forget the good things He does for me.

He forgives all my sins

and heals all my disease.

Psalm 103:1-3

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