The Trouble with Standing

Think back to the last time you learned a new skill. Better yet, think about the last time you learned a new skill that involved physical pain as a consequence of failure. For me, this was when I decided to join a Cross-fit group. One wayward swing of a kettlebell can result in a quick trip to the e.r.. Thankfully, I never experienced the aforementioned “wayward swing,” although, there were plenty of times I felt like I should have been in the e.r..

I remember when, our youngest, Piper was learning to walk. She had gotten quite good at crawling and quickly learned to pull herself up on to the furniture. One day, she was watching her big sister running and jumping and got quite the boost of confidence. Letting go of the couch, she threw her hands up in the air and started to take a step. From there science took over. Her lack of balance combined with the Earth’s gravitational pull had her on the floor faster than I can even attempt to explain. It was as if I was watching a movie and all of the frames between the step and the impact had been deleted. Before I could fully process what had happened her screams filled the air. Thankfully she was more scared than hurt and there was no physical damage done.

That day, Piper was introduced to fear. It took her quite a while before she was willing to try walking again. Today, Piper is quite the mover and risk taker. She’s gotten quite a bit tougher but I remember that season where she limited herself because of her fear. Can you imagine what would happen if she never tried again? Imagine a teenage Piper crawling around eating Cheerios off of the floor. It would be weird.

The thing to remember here is that she was an extremely effective crawler. She was fast and strong, so she was able to accomplish most of the things she wanted to do. However, she would never be as fast crawling as she would walk. And she would never run without taking the risk of falling.

What have you given up on because you got hurt in the early stages of learning? There are so many times in our lives when God calls us to do something great that we are totally unprepared for. When we see these opportunities, it’s easy to become fearful and think, “I don’t have what it takes.” The truth here is, you probably don’t. God often calls us to do things we aren’t capable of so that He can get the glory when we are successful. So here is my challenge for you today, tomorrow, and as you go throughout life. Don’t be the teenager eating Cheerios from the floor. Take some risks. Have an adventure. Fall flat on your face a few times. Learn to run. Pursue what God has for you whether you feel qualified or not.

What are you not pursuing because you’re scared of a little boo-boo?

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