Running Start

I recently posted about the process of my youngest learning to walk and how she overcame the fear that prevented her from even trying to walk for quite some time. Now, she’s a little pro. She walks; she climbs; she stands on furniture, toys, and people; and best of all, she runs. She is a fast little person who moves like she’s got places to go, things to do, and adventures to experience in the faraway lands of the kitchen, living room, and even the bathroom.

Truthfully, I think she forgot how to walk. Since running became the preferred method of travel, walking just doesn’t cut it. Like I said, places to go! Running babies are above all else, cute! There’s this “boulder-down-a-mountain” sort of momentum that happens where the only speed she can go is top speed. She just starts running and gets faster and faster until she runs into the thing she is pursuing or falls down. Those are the only options.

This has lead to our new favorite game, “Come get Daddy!” It’s basically a shameless ploy to get Piper to give me a hug. The best part, it works every time. I squat down across the room from her and say, “Come get daddy!” She sprints across the room throws her arms around me and “tackles” me to the ground. It’s my favorite way that Piper expresses her love to me. The cool thing about this new expression of love is that it was birthed out of a new skill. After learning to run, Piper learned how to channel this skill into a fun and exciting way to spend time with her dad.

I think that this is the kind of love that brings joy to the heart of God. As humans, we tend to get caught up in the routines of life, doing the same thing over and over. And while there is plenty of productivity in routines there is also a monotony that can kill our ability to experience all God has for us. We can combat this by occasionally mixing things up. Trying a new skill can be a great way to do this. Learning new skills can be exciting and it can open up our lives and spirits to more of God.

I recently started journaling. This is a skill that I have been resistant to for a long time as I’m not a natural “journaler.” I like to think that I’ll just remember the things I need to remember (because the will happen). However, learning and developing this new skill has allowed me to express my love to God in new ways. It also allows Him to express His love to me like I’ve never experienced before. This made our relationship far more fruitful than it had been. God wants us to learn to run and then use that skill to pursue him with all the force and momentum we can generate. So go after Him today, just start running until you reach your top speed and don’t stop until you crash into His love, grace, and mercy.


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