Rock, Paper, Scissors

Let’s start by admitting that this blog has been a little quiet lately. For that, I am sorry. as most of you know my family and I have recently relocated to Castle Rock, Colorado and it has been a very physically and mentally taxing few weeks. We are super excited to be here and experience all God has for us but we are also tired. Things are still a bit busy but if we don’t start fighting for our routines now, we’ll continue the cycle of business and miss out on the reason we are here. If you want the more in-depth update, you can join our email list here. You can also catch up on all of our emails by clicking here.

This morning I was reading in Acts 10 where there is a story of two men. One of those men in a man named Cornelius. The Bible describes him as “a devout man who feared God.” The other is the Apostle Peter whom the Bible describes… many ways depending on the situation. In this story, both men have a vision from God. Cornelius’ vision tells him to send for Peter while Peter’s vision tells Him to eat a bunch of birds and reptiles. Peter is at first resistant because he has never eaten anything deemed “unclean” by the law. God tells him through this vision that he should consider nothing created by God unclean.

Peter understandably walks away confused wondering what that was all about. A few minutes later, Cornelius’ men show up at the house in which Peter is staying and request that he come with them to see Cornelius. The thing about this is that these people were Gentiles. The law had declared them unclean. No self-respecting Jew would be seen in the presence of these men unless they had literally moments before they showed up heard God verbally declare using live animals as props that nothing is unclean that was created by His hands. Hmmm…

Have you ever played Rock, Paper, Scissors? Of course, you have. It’s a game that doesn’t depend solely on your own decision making, but that of the other player involved. If you throw paper, and they throw rock, you win. If you both throw scissors, no one wins. If you throw rock and there’s no one playing with you… that’s weird, but also, no one wins because there is no one else acting in accordance with how the game works.

Stick with me here. Cornelis had a vision and acted in accordance with it by sending for Peter. Peter had a vision and acted in accordance with it by going to visit Cornelius despite his “status.” Because these men both acted in accordance with what God commanded, many gentiles heard the Word of God, were filled with the Holy Spirit and baptized into new life through Jesus Christ. If either of them had decided not to pursue what God asked them to do, the gospel would have not been preached. Had Cornelius written off his vision, Peter would have been wandering around his house wondering if he was literally supposed to have turtle soup for lunch. Had Peter written off his vision, Cornelius and the people around him would have experienced rejection and not heard the good news of Jesus proclaimed.

My point is this, there are times when the messages we are hearing from the Lord seem weird, out of place, of uncomfortable. There are times when the things God asks us to do don’t make total sense. And there are times when the things God asks of us are only a small part of the big picture. In these times, it is easy to write it off, to pretend it didn’t happen, or to hide behind pious statements like I’ll pray about it. But, I want to challenge you to act. To embrace what may be awkward and step into what God is calling you to do. You never know who is on the other side with the rest of the pieces of an amazing move of God.

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