Kingdom Men

I recently had the opportunity at a Men’s Breakfast here at Front Range. It was an awesome opportunity for guys to gather, eat some french toast, and be encouraged to be men after God. I really struggled to figure out what to talk about until I found a quote by a pastor named Tony Evans. And while this post is framed primarily for men, the truth holds for everyone. Evans says, “When a Kingdom Man steps out the door each morning, Heaven, earth, and hell take notice.”

That quote instantly resonated with me and got me excited for what a true Kingdom Man can accomplish if he lives out that charge. Imagine how different things could be if we had an army of Kingdom Men committed to living out that statement. As quickly as I got excited, I began to get discouraged. It was such a short and simple quote but how does one do that? What are the qualifications of a Kingdom Man? I thought it has to be difficult. To my surprise, it was extremely simple. To be a kingdom man one must simply start where you are and use what you have.

I began to think about many heroes of the faith, heroes who made a difference, heroes who were noticed by heaven, earth, and hell and they all did those two things. They started where they were and they used what they had. Moses was a shepherd and when God called him all he had a staff. Yet he used that staff to part the red sea, get water from a stone, and lead over half a million people out of slavery. Nehemiah was a cupbearer who had a relationship with a king. He used that influence and favor to rebuild the walls of Israel. David was a shepherd with a sling and yet he used that sling to slay a giant and rescue his people. Shamgar was probably a simple farmer who had a pointy stick and yet he used it to slay 600 Philistines and rescue Israel from oppression. Time and time again we see people called by God doing amazing things with minimal resources and maximum surrender.

So, where are you in that journey? Are you waiting around for more or better resources? Are you asking God to give you influence in exchange for service? Or are you boldly offering him what you have and allowing him to do the miraculous with it? God has plans for you, bigger plans than you can ask or imagine. Go after them. Start where you are and use what you have.

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