Wash Your Face!

I had one of the coolest experiences I can remember with my youngest, Piper, today. I picked her and Rilee up from school and as we were driving home, she just starts saying her memory verse. She started, “Jeremiah 29:11…” I was expecting it to be some shortened kids version of the verse. I mean, she’s three; she can’t possibly quote the entire verse, from memory, right? Wrong. “For I know the plaaaans I have for YOU… declares the Loooooord. Plans to prosper you and not to haaarm you. Plans to give you hope and a future.” I couldn’t believe it. It was probably one of the cutest things I’ve seen since her sister was three and quoting Bible verses. (Especially that well placed, “A gentle answer turns away wrath,” bomb that she dropped on Ashley. But that’s for another day.)

So, naturally, this needed to be on social media. Since I was driving, it had to wait until we got home. Well, when we got home, my need to exploit my daughter’s cuteness and brilliance gave way to her need for a snack. And then to play outside, and then more things happened and it was a few hours later when I was finally ready to record the super cute video that you can see on my Instagram feed. Go check it out… I’ll wait.

That face right? I mean, do you see all the things that are covering her face? Sorry to say, I cannot identify all of the substances she has going on there. I showed Ashley the video and she loved it, but then she saw that I posted it on Instagram and said, “You could have at least cleaned her face up first!” I laughed, I actually think it makes it cuter that shes covered in Oreo crumbs, boogers, and unidentifiable funk.

Anyway, this got me thinking, how often do we look at God and think that’s His posture toward us? How many of us believe that we have to be clean before we can approach Him? How many of us are trapped in secret sin because we think we could never bring it into the light? God doesn’t want us to “clean up” before we come to Him, he wants us to come to Him just as we are. He wants us to approach the throne of grace with our issues, our junk, and our burdens and lay them at His feet. It is then that we can grow to be more like Him. It is there that we can find freedom, joy, and grace. Approach Him now, go to Him now, run to Him now. He’s waiting for you, even if your face is covered in Oreos, boogers, and unidentifiable funk.

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