Downhill Freestyle

In the movie, “Molly’s Game,” there is a scene where Olympic hopeful, Molly Bloom, sets off on her freestyle mogul run with a great shot at making the Olympic team. She is having a great run when all of a sudden, one of her boots comes unclipped from her skis sending her up into the air and then down on her head causing what should have been a serious injury to her surgically rebuilt spine and destroying her Olympic dreams.

As a professional skier, her DIN setting was at 15 which she explains by saying that her boots were basically welded to her skis. So what happened? As it turns out, on that day it was snowing so much that pine branches were placed along the course to give skiers better depth perception. As Molly is making her way down the course, she skis by one of those branches, which happens to be frozen, and that branch hits the release on her skis. Ending her Olympic career before it ever began.

After that, Molly goes out to L.A. to get away and through a series of seemingly random events gets mixed up in an underground poker ring which later has her arrested and on trial for several crimes including money laundering, illegal gambling, and racketeering. And as her dad, a psychologist, so bluntly puts it, it all started because she tripped over a stick. Now, while this is a very general and hopefully spoiler-free account of the story, I can’t help but wonder if many of us are in the same situation.

We’re going through life with our heads down doing things that we know aren’t God’s purpose or plan for us and we wonder why we feel stuck, broken, or purposeless. Why we continually wonder if there’s more to life than this? Maybe it’s because somewhere along the way, we tripped on a stick. Something unfortunate, random, or unexpected happened to us and that disrupted our plan. That disruption shook us to the core and caused us to question everything we thought we knew and after a while, we look in the mirror and don’t recognize the face looking back at us. Unfortunately for Molly, it took a federal investigation to get her attention and put her on the path to set things right. Let’s not let our stories have the same outcome.

I have tripped on a stick and let it derail me. And while I have never run an underground gambling ring, I know God has more for me than that season of my life or where I am right now. I also know that over the last few years, He has been calling to mind the stick and the season and showing me the path forward. Allow him to do the same for you. Acknowledge the stick, pick your self up, and carry on with who you are called to be. He has so much for you than a botched downhill freestyle.


1 thought on “Downhill Freestyle

  1. I am truly enjoying this writing journey you are on. I know God has big plans for you! Keep writing.

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