Starting Fresh.

Well, it’s the beginning of a New Year which means new beginnings, new plans, and new resolutions! All of which culture and tradition tell us we will break within minutes of the ball dropping. We all plan to get healthier, eat better, have more patience, and spend more time with our families but then February hits and we realize we’re farther away from the vague and mysterious marks we’ve set than we’ve ever been. Why do we as people struggle with this concept of consistency? If we are creatures of habit, shouldn’t it be easy to set a course and stick to it? As a culture of “excess” shouldn’t “more” be second nature? Haven’t enough people blogged about this topic already? (I’m sure the answer to that last question is yes, but here we are.)

I’m no expert but the answer to all of those questions is yes. And it is. I think the problem is two-fold and if we can just get our heads around what we are competing with, maybe we can win. First, habits are easy to establish. Especially negative ones that come easy. It’s easy to swing through a drive through when I’m in a hurry instead of cooking dinner. It’s easy to skip that morning workout because of a heavy workload at the office. It’s easy to pass on time alone with God because the kids woke up early and they are losing their minds. All of these small choices reinforce and build habits that directly compete with the habits we’re trying to install.  So, solution number one, don’t skip out on the commitments you’ve made to yourself for the new year, or in general. That’s easier said than done, I know, but it’s a basic truth that will help you defeat the enemy of excuses that creeps in as soon as we decide to do something different than we’ve been doing.

The second problem is that we often said vague resolution s and fail to make them attainable. Let’s pretend your resolution for 2019 is to work out more. Well, how many times did you workout in 2018? Do you know? Does it matter? Maybe your resolution is to spend more time with your family. How much time did you spend with them before? How much more time do you want to spend with them? Do you see how vague and lofty resolutions become unattainable and thus lack any pulling power to make you want to achieve them? The solution here is to create measurable and attainable goals, write them down, and put them somewhere that you will see them often. Experts say this increases your chance of completing them by like 4,000%. It was something like that.

There are plenty of posts out there about this topic and how to get on track for a new year so, read this as my feeble attempt to invite you into what I am working on personally. I want to be a man of action who gets more and more like the man God has called me to be with each passing year. So this year, resolutions are out and goals are in. Vague has been evicted and focus will take over its lease in my mind and heart. I am making 2019 the year of focus. What about you? What do you want your 2019 to be marked by?

Just for fun and maybe some accountability, here are a few of my personal goals for 2019.

  • Complete all school assignments daily (Monday – Friday) so that no work needs to be done on weekends.
  • Workout 30 minutes per day (Monday – Friday) and complete a 90-day streak.
  • Read scripture and pray for at least 20 minutes per day on and complete a 90-day streak.
  • Write 52 blog posts in 2019.
  • Take Ashley on 26 dates in 2019.

What are your 2019 goals?

1 thought on “Starting Fresh.

  1. Amazing advise and amazing wisdom!

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