This one’s going to be short and sweet as I am currently in New Zealand and anytime spent looking at this screen is time I am not staring in amazement at this beautiful scenery!

A few days ago I had the opportunity to visit the Aukland Sky Tower. The Skytower is 1,076 feet tall and is currently the largest free-standing tower in the southern hemisphere and 25th tallest tower in the world. One of the coolest things about the Aukland Sky Tower is that parts of the floor are made of glass. The placards around the tower communicate that the glass is 38mm thick and is stronger than the concrete that the bulk of the building is constructed from. One of the members of our party said, “That makes me question the strength of the concrete.”

That comment made me question how I look at life and how I evaluate my own personal strengths and weaknesses. The intention of the placard was to use the known strength of concrete to bolster our comfort in the strength of the glass. However, it was the perceived weakness of the glass that made this person lose confidence in the strength of the concrete.

So, my question is this; do we allow our weakness to shake our confidence in God’s power within us, or do we see his strength within us and take comfort in our ability to tap into that power? Moses was guilty of this many times in his life. He allowed his personal weaknesses to limit how he allowed God to use him. But, God is not limited by our weakness, we are limitless because of his strength. Be encouraged this week to allow who he is to give us confidence in who we are called to be.

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