We are the Ridiculous.

Quick fact about me: I. Love. Sausage biscuits. Honestly, what’s not to love?  Sausage is awesome. Biscuits are awesome. Awesome plus awesome usually equals awesome. But more like awesome times awesome or awesome squared which is more awesome than I can calculate. That’s a lot of awesome in such a simple food item. Now that that’s out of the way, let’s get back on topic.

Somewhere in my childhood, I came across a person who swore by sausage biscuits with grape jelly on them. I took one look at this combination and thought, “barf face emoji*.” But, after seeing this and deciding it was gross, I moved on with my life and never really thought about it again. Then one day I was eating a sausage biscuit on my lunch break at Starbucks**, when a friend, and trusted delicious food advisor, recommended I try a sausage biscuit from a local restaurant. Since I trusted her, I went for it a few days later. One of the ingredients on this particular biscuit was… you guessed it… grade jelly. Well, they called it “House made grape jam” cuz they fancy, but you get it.

No problem right, take the jelly off. Here’s the thing, I have a rule about trying new dishes at restaurants. The first time I try something at a restaurant, I try it the way the chef intended, no modifications. So, I went for it. And it changed the way I have eaten sausage biscuits ever since. It doesn’t matter where I get them from, if they have grape jelly, jam, preserves, etc. I want it. It’s the only way to eat a sausage biscuit. If you haven’t tried it, take it from someone who wasted 20 years of awesome sausage biscuit potential by eating them the wrong way, you have to try it. If you eat grape jelly on your sausage biscuits, you know what I’m talking about!

Here’s why all of this matters. At some point in your life, I bet someone has told you that you should do something big or chase a dream. Maybe it was to record an album, open a business, write a book, author a screenplay, anything really. If you’re anything like me, you probably heard this and thought, “That’s ridiculous,” and then, you went on with your life. For some of us, we’ve had the amazing blessing to hear that same message from someone else that we trust, and it ignited something in us and made us chase the ridiculous dream. But for many, that’s not the case. For you, that goal, that dream, that vision that got planted in your heart only for your head to tell you, “That’ll never happen,” is still in there buried under the weight of fear, doubt, and discouragement. For you, I want to say, you can do it. God doesn’t plant dreams in our heart to watch them die. God plants dreams in our hearts so that we can soar. God plants dreams in our hearts so that we can run after them. God plants dreams in our hearts so that we can impact and advance his kingdom here on earth.

So what dream is hidden in your heart that feels ridiculous. What dream is hidden in your heart that can repair a damaged part of this broken world? What if God brought you right here today to awaken that dream? What if right now is the time? What if your dreams were put into your heart for such a time as this?  The Kingdom of Heaven needs dreamers. The Kingdom of Heaven needs the ridiculous. The Kingdom of Heaven needs visionaries. The Kingdom of Heaven needs… You. Let’s get after it. Let’s try something that seems ridiculous because if God is for us, who can be against us?

For we are his workmanship, created in Christ Jesus for good works, which God prepared beforehand, that we should walk in them. Ephesians 2:10

(I’d love to start a conversation about what your ridiculous dreams are and create a community that can help and encourage one another to pursue those dreams. Follow me on Twitter @brandonhair and use the hashtag #wearetheridiculous to join the conversation.)

*The fact checkers have reminded me that emojis didn’t exist when I was a child, and while they are correct (and rude) the sentiment stands.
**It was called a lunch break, but mine was usually at 9 am.

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